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Expand Your Brand

Traditional audiences are shifting to digital

The explosive growth of mobile has changed the way audiences consume content. Avoiding the “Digital Space” is no longer an option; if your brand isn’t online, your challenges multiply exponentially. The Commotion platform helps organizations to:

  • Build a loyal audience and new ad revenue via iOS and Android apps
  • Utilize success-proven tools to monetize digital content
  • Be successful with ongoing sales/content training, support, and Best Practices

Engage Your Audience

Audiences want to engage, reply to their messages

Commotion features a real-time activity stream that sets it apart from the rest. Your station will be able to interact with listeners directly through messages, images, and audio clips; helping build loyalty and engaging with your digital audience, wherever they are! And just in case anyone gets too rowdy, we include tools to allow you to moderate the content of your stream.

  • Real-time Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customizable Word Filters
  • Real-time Source Muting
  • "Bad User" Blocking

Make Money

Quality Digital Content = Quality Digital Revenue

Your team works hard to create, promote and sell your product and brand. White-labeled Smartphone Apps promote your brand, increase digital revenue, and keep you from getting lost in the “big menu” with hundreds of competitors.

  • Grow your mobile audience
  • Monetize in multiple ways
  • Access detailed reporting
  • Protect Your Brand
Stations around the world use Commotion to deliver engaging listener experiences and make money.

You can too!

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